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Ever wished you had a super power to know what your friends think?
Like what your friends recommend?

Well, now with TopRecs® you do! It’s easy to exchange recommendations
with your trusted circle of friends for just about anything!

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How Does It Work?

TopRecs organizes your trusted friends’ recommendations

See the Top recommendations and comments from your Friends for a broad, and growing list of Categories.

  • From the moment you create your profile, you’ll start building your circle of Friends with your Facebook contacts.You can grow your circles by inviting your friends to join TopRecs.
  • Wherever you are, whether in your hometown or on a travel adventure, recommendations are always at your fingertips.
  • Messaging saves the day whenever you need real-time answers!
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Built with Love

TopRecs was built with love, because we all share a common passion… our children.


Foundational to any relationship, trust is also foundational to TopRecs. Our most valued relationships are built on this. So are the recommendations we share. This platform, and all that we do, is too.

Data privacy

Data privacy and protecting your data is extremely important to us. Our platform is designed with this in mind.

About Us

It all started in a garage… a brilliant idea that solved an ongoing challenge! Well, it didn’t exactly start in a garage… but it did start with one mother’s idea and desire to make it easier for parents to exchange recommendations with one another for what’s worked for us and our kiddos.

Like so many others, she realized that with each stage of our children’s development comes different needs, activities, interests, challenges, and questions. Executing on a vision for something more, she created TopRecs, a platform where parents can share with their trusted circle of friends, the mundane and extraordinary experiences of life. We know settling into a new home following a move can be hard, but finding a new pediatrician shouldn’t be. Regardless of what or where we call home, these experiences occur within our hometowns and when traveling beyond.

We hope you will find this to be a special place where we can exchange our recommendations for every day adventures and practicalities with those who trust and value us most.


Contact Us

We’d love to hear from you.

Drop us a line if you have any questions or ideas on how we might improve your TopRecs experience.

With your support, as well as that of your friends, we look to you to help us grow. We have great plans for TopRecs, and are confident that you’ll like it too. And for that, we thank you in advance.